Redwall VS. The Vampire Hound

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The last time I read The Vampire Hound by Jim Kraft was six years ago. So I read it again.
It was awesome then, and it was awesome now. Slatkin was still my favorite (despite the fact he's a bit of a villain) and the only reason it never hit the best-seller's list, was because of the mega-dorky cover. Anyhoo, just thought I'd do another Redwall vs. "animal book" face off.


.In Redwall, no humans, dogs, pigs, bears...or vampires for that matter
.VH set in Victorian London, Redwall is medieval
.Rats in Redwall are evil, but rats in VH aren't
.No rich/poor classes in Redwall
.No carriages in Redwall (Unless you count Cluny's hay cart)
.In Redwall, no mention of Historical figures
.No cemeteries in Redwall
.No cities, factories, or machinery in Redwall
.All villains die in Redwall

.Ferrets bad (kinda)
.Bad grammar on the characters' parts
.Again, with the ale. Oh yes, and the tea.
.Ferrets, rats, mice, squirrels, ravens, moles
.The low-life vermin are best chums despite the fact they're ALWAYS arguing
.Villain goes good (Blaggut & Slatkin)
.Dull-witted minions
.Villain is sadistic and quick to anger
.Poor family won't accept charity (Churchmice)
Picture by rimpala


I Am An Otter

You're an otter, mate! Another good friend of Redwall, you are a natural swimmer and a deadly fighter especially with a long bow or javellin. Camp Willow is your home, just as Redwall is your second home. You have a good heart and a strong sense of loyalty. You absolutely love Shrimp and Hotroot soup, living by the motto "Ain't nothing 'otter for an Otter!".

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