9 Hits Stores!

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yes, Today is the day (finally) that 9 actually becomes availiable to buy!



La Musique

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

Just thought I might do something fun and give y'all a tour of my CD pile.

These are also free recamondations.

Planet Earth Soundtrack-George Fenton

Got it for my Birthday & I love it! Fenton is a genius. Beautiful.


For my melancholy, deep moods.

A Day Without Rain-Enya

Despite the title, PERFECT for rainy days.

And Winter Came-Enya

Got this for Christmas last year. It's gorgeous & one of her best.

Shepherd Moons-Enya

Makes me wanna fly.

The Return of the King Soundtrack-Howard Shore

Absolutely breathtaking. It sets my heart racing everytime.

Noel-Josh Groban

I know it's a Christmas CD, but I still listen to it year-round. His voice is AMAZING.

Celtic Wonder-Various

Got it for Christmas about two years ago. First CD I ever owned. Stunningly bittersweet.

Piper's Dance-Ballycastle

2nd CD I ever got. These bagpipes have soul.

With You-Josh Groban

Did I mention his voice was amazing?

The Ultimate Relaxation Album III

Used to fall asleep to this.

The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-Howard Shore

Makes me laugh & cry.

Yanni Live at the Acropolis

Really good to listen to when writing.


Something To Think About

>> Friday, December 25, 2009

A good friend once asked me not what I got for Christmas,
but what I gave.



Love and joy come to you,
And to you our wassail too,
And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year
And God send you a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas!


When Christmas Comes to Town

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gosh, I love this song.


Stand Aside and Let Her Go

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

Laura Dekker, a 14-year old resident of Amsterdam, Holland, is trying to accomplish something I admire greatly:

Sail around the world.

Everyone agrees she can "sail like the devil", but her mom and the court put her in custody and refuse to let her. She's been sailing since she was born and literally was born on a boat and spent the first four years of her life sailing with her dad.

Everyone's freaking out because she's "too young to handle the mental stress of being alone two years".
When no one would let her, Laura ran away and was about to set sail. Until the stupid adults found her and literally dragged her back home. Her lawyer, Peter De Lange, says she has enough experience.
Laura's taking all the safety courses, she knows a boat like the back of her hand. Let her go! Let the girl accomplish her dream and prove this idiotic world that no matter what your age, you can do anything!

People say she's mental. I say she's got guts.

If that Dutch court doesn't have her on the ocean in five months, I bet you anything they're going to have a very angry Celtic Traveler.

And a very peeved Dutch girl.

The other video won't embed so click here.


Marlfox Quotes

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

Picture by Keravist

See pale eyes and swirling cloak,/Appear like nightmare,/Vanish like smoke./Marlfox!/What steals upon the silent air,/Gleaming fangs, mottled fur,/A deadly axblade is lying there./Marlfox!/Nobeast living can hide from thee,/O thou who treads invisibly,/Cross hill and vale through woods and rocks./Marlfox!/ Marlfox!

'Twas but a tale for your amusement,/Like my small unworthy rhyme,/Gone, alas, into those realms,/The land of once upon a time.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" Jangular rose with a sigh. "Because you called me fat an' said I was three seasons dead."

"An actor can be young or old, /Figure of fun or hero bold,/From tears to laughter without a pause,/I strut the stage to your applause,/Then I look in my mirror and say, /‘Hey,What fool shall I play today?’"

"Call yoreself a Reguba. Hah!" Quivering with rage, Rusvul snapped his javelin in two pieces and flung them from him, tears of anger glittering in his eyes. "I wish that spear'd gone right through an' slain me, rather than stand 'ere an' see the Reguba blood shamed by a son of mine. Coward!"

"But let me say this t'you, Rusvul Reguba. I never knew you was a foolish beast until tonight. Our young 'uns are the hope of the future. They need t'be 'elped, not 'umiliated. It took no bravery to call Dann a coward-he loves you too much to answer back. So all you did was bring shame on yoreself by the way you talked to Dann. No, don't answer or argue, jus' think about it, matey. An' that's the advice of a friend."

“If you eat to much you’ll sink the boat,/Burst yore shoes an’ split yore coat,/Just scoff enough so you stay afloat,/‘Tis manners, good manners!/If you pinch the vittles from another’s plate,/Wait till he’s lookin’ the other way, mate,/An’ when fish are bitin’, don’t eat the bait,/‘Tis manners, good manners!/If yore a shrew of the Guosim clan,/You must be sure to think of a plan,/To share yore matey’s pudden or flan,/‘Tis manners, good manners!/Remember to chew everythin’ in sight,/If it don’t bite back, than get first bite,/An’ always take a basinful to bed each night,/‘Tis manners, good manners!”
"Start diggen' yore graves now, 'cos we ain't goin' t'dig 'em for ye!"

"Strange, isn't it? Last night we were the best of friends with the Riverheads, this mornin' they're out for our blood. All because of a boat an' a stick!"

“Armed to the dirty mangy teeth,/Ten of ‘em came at me,/Hoho, me buckoes, here, sez I,/Only ten of ye?"

"Haw haw haw! Did ye mind the look on yon laddie's beak when I threatened tae eat his wife? He looked fair happy, so he did!"

The Dibbuns shod off their blanket cloaks and began dusting themselves down. "C'mon, Wugg, us gonna be Red'all Warriors. Wot does Red'all Warriors look like, mista Rusbul?" Rusvul looked at the Dibbuns standing boldly before him. "Just like you three, mates."

"Dann, me ole mate, wake up! Y'can't die an' leave me here all alone on me own. C'mon, Dann, I'm beggin' yer, mate, wake up! If you die an' leave me down 'ere on me own, I'll never speak t'you again, so there!" Opening his eyes, Dann found himself staring into Dippler's tearstained face. Despite his aching body, the squirrel smiled. "You muddle-'eaded little ragbag, you'll never speak to me again if I die? That's a good 'un, mate!" The Guosim shrew hugged his friend heartily. "You know wot I mean, Dann!"
"I think I'd sooner be a slave than a Marlfox, you live a little longer." The old mouse shrugged, resting his head against the bars. "Don't be too sure of it, pal. How long d'ye think we're goin' to last with Mokkan as King around here?"
"Good morrow to ye, mates. I'm Dann Reguba. Anybeast fancy bein' liberated today?"
She smiled grimly at him as she raised a loaded sling and spoke the last words Ullig was ever to hear in his life. "Well well, if'n it ain't Ullig the Slave Cap'n!"
"Please gaze round our garden, remember me there,/And always be faithful and true,/ Then look to the sunset and know that somewhere,/ 'Tis I who'll be thinking of you./Home, home, I will come home,/ Back to the ones I love best,/Home, home, no more to roam,/My weary heart will rest."


The Hobbit: Starring...The Fellowship?

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

Again, I'm expectant for the new Hobbit movie. There's quite a few characters I love that they BETTER not mess up on-Like Beorn, Bard, Roac (the raven), & Thorin.
But words also getting around that they might add some people from the Fellowship of the Ring.
If they did, here's a few ideas how:

Legolas-at least show him in the crowd of woodelves, or as Marian said on http://all-that-is-gold.blogspot.com/, maybe he could save the dwarves.

Saruman-At the wizard council Gandalf mentioned.

Aragorn-(My personal favorite) He's old enough anyway and could probaly be shown guarding the Shire with the other Rangers, or conversing with Gandalf about how to hunt Gollum.

Elrond-Yeah, everyone's saying he'll come in. But I don't know how that can be.

Edit: Silly me. This post was published years after I read The Hobbit, and apparently I forgot that Elrond was in it.


Here We Come A Wassailing

>> Sunday, December 13, 2009

My favorite Christmas song of the season!
Best ever.



>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

I first saw this ad at the movie theater, and when I did, everyone in that dark theater was holding their sides and laughing hysterically.


The Long Patrol Quotes

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Picture by Sharsarannon

"She's called Cregga Rose Eyes, wields a pike that four otters couldn't lift!" Osmunda nodded in admiration. "Hurr, she'm got'n a purty name awright." Russa laughed mirthlessly. "There's nought pretty about it! That one's called Rose Eyes because her eyes are blood red with battle light. I'd hate to be the vermin that tried standin' in her path."

"D'you know why I'm alive today? 'Cos my enemies are dead."

“Oh, it’s hard and dry, when the sun is high/And dust is in your throat,/ When the rain pours down, near fit to drown,/And soaks right through your coat./But the hares of the Long Patrol, my lads,/ Stouthearts they walk with me,/ Over hill and plain, and back again,/ By the shores of the wide blue sea./ Through mud and mire to a warm campfire,/I’ll trek with you, old friend,/O’er lea and dale, in a roaring gale,/ Right to our journey’s end./ Yes, the hares of the Long Patrol, my lads,/ Love friendship more than gold. /We’ll share good days, and tread long ways,/ Good comrades brave and bold.”

"It'll wallop a weasel,/Sock a stoat,/Or fling a ferret from 'is coat,/ 'Twould knock a fox clean out his socks,/My liddle stick o' wood!"

"Who'm dig deep'n make best 'ole?/Only us'n's, we be moles!"

They must've numbered fifty or more when we first met 'em, sir. By my count they still got'n thirty-two." "Hardly enough for eleven bold chaps 'n' chapesses like us," Riffle snorted scornfully. "Thirteen if y'count Tam an' Russa. I say, thirteen, is that unlucky?" Lieutenant Morio stood up, dusting off his paws. "Aye, unlucky for them when we catch up with 'em."

"Night comes soft, 'tis daylight's end,/Sleep creeping gently o'er all,/ Bees go to hive, birds fly to nest,/ Whilst pale moonshadows fall./ Silent earth lies cloaked in slumber,/ Stars standing guard in the skies,/ 'Til dawn steals up to banish darkness,/ I must close my weary eyes./ Safe dreams, peace unto you, my friend,/ Night comes soft, 'tis daylight's end."

"I say, you rips up there, leave us alone or we'll scoff your jolly old leader. I'm quite serious, y'know. Chop, chop, yumyum, eatim alla up, as you blighters might say, savvy?"

"Wot does the Major mean by arboreal verdance, sah?"
"Hmm, arboreal verdance, lemme see, I rather think it means treetops, leafy green ones."
"Oh! Then why didn't 'e say treetops?"
"Why should he when he knows how t'say words like arboreal verdance?"
Rockjaw cuffed the moaning rat lightly. "Hush thy noise, or I'll give thee summat to moan about an y'won't see your arboreal verdance again!"

"Thanks to seasons an' jolly good luck,/ We've all got a sword an' a head,/ An' the way we'll tuck into these vittles,/Will show that we're living not dead."

"A hare in a frock coat so fine an' so long,/Scraped on a small fiddle an' banged a big gong,/He seized the poor mother an' gave a loud cry,/'Let's warm up our paws with a reel, you an' I!'/'O mother sweet mother oh may I look now?'/'Come stir y'stumps daughter an' look anyhow',/As she whirled around the good mother did call,/'There's a handsome one here with no partner at/All!"

"Ah'll give yon Warfang an' his ilk some deathsongs t'sing!"

"...Radiant in splendour fair,/Ever mine, hidden where?"

He stared at Midge for some time, then asked, "Could you have turned Rinkul into a toad?" Cocking his head, Midge returned the stare boldly. "That's my business, Warlord."

"Come on, thee cowardly scum. Ah'll wager nobeast warned ye about Coodwife Grang's eldest son. Eulaliaaaaaa!"

"Why can't they just be like ordinary peace-lovin' creatures an' leave us alone?" Paw on swordhilt, the squirrel Champion shrugged. "Hard to say, really, Skip. There'll always be vermin of that kind, with no respect for any creature, takin' what they please an' never carin' eho they have to slay, as long as they get what they want. Peaceful creatures to them are weak fools. But every once in a while they come up against beasts like us, peace-lovin' an' easy-goin', until we're threatened. Win or lose then, we won't be killed, enslaved or walked on just for their cruel satisfaction. No, we'll band together an' fight for what is ours!"
Perigord shook his head and smiled mockingly. "Oh, is that all you've got t'say? Wasted you're breath, really, didn't you?"

Held fast by for Rapscallions, the Major still struggled to break free and get at his enemy, even though he was twice wounded. "So be it, foulface. Come on, vermin, let's have at it, wot!" Damug looked Perigord up and down. Dried blood was caked over the Major's brow, covering his right eye, while the Redwall tunic hung from him in shreds, revealing a ragged scar on one shoulder. The Greatrat sneered contemptuously. "Your fighting days are over, fool. I'm going to make an example of you in front of your friends. Conquered beasts always learn to behave better when they see thier leader executed. Get him down in front of me and bend his head!"


Tommy Coen's Christmas Eve

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

I fell in love with this song when I first heard it.
Best ever!

Tommy Coen's Christmas Eve - Frankie Gavin



>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you haven't heard this song yet, you must've been living under a rock.:)
Anyway, I love it and I hope you do too.



Remember Pearl Harbor

>> Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh my gosh, I CANNOT believe that NO ONE mentioned this today. Why do people keep trying to forget tradgedies, when we should remember and honor the fallen in our hearts?

Well, I'M not going to forget.
Please do the same.


On The Importance Of Space Travel

This is from the new Flight book, a collection of short stories in comic form. I for one, can't wait to read this story by Svetlanda Chmakova.


Pearls of Lutra Quotes

>> Friday, December 4, 2009

Picture byPsychoAngel51402
O curse the name Mad Eyes,/Say woe to the day/When he tried to steal/Tears of all Oceans away./All corsairs and searats/Whose messmates lie dead,/Saw blood and hot flame/Turn the seas flowing red./Though northcoast lies far/And the ocean is wide,/Run from the green arrows/Of vengeance, and hide./For the price of six tears/Through the dreams of us all,/Walks the fear of a warrior/From the place called Redwall./Now the life of our Brethren/Who followed the sea,/Will ne’er be the same/For such rovers as we./‘Twas the greed of a tyrant/That brought us to shame,/Six tears for a crown--/Curse the emperor’s name!

"Dead and gone, no, gone to be dead,/ Following the crack that runs through his head."

"This is war! Cut 'er loose, Rocpaw, 'tis waaaaaar!"

"Run from me, hide from me,/ Still my shafts will find you./ All you vermin of the sea,/ I must bring swift death to./ Lutra's Holt has not yet gone,/ By my bow I swear it so,/ I alone will carry on,/ Wreaking vengeance where I go./ Run from me, hide from me,/ Hear my longbow singing,/ Grath of Lutra's family,/ Sleep to you is bringing."

"Golden guardian of my wealth,/ Hear me now, be still,/ Deathly fang and coiling stealth,/ Bend unto my will."

"Just you give the word when yer ready, an' I'll show ye the color of yer insides!"

"I’m the babe of a bloodripper,/Born in the teeth of a gale,/I’m the one who wields a sword,/An’ makes the foebeast wail./I’m as sharp as the reef rock,/I carry death in me paw,/Go were I like, slay who I will,/
That’s the corsairs law!/Blood’s me favorite color,/I’m swifter’n lightnin’ aye,/Stand out me way, stand out I say,/Step aside now, or die!/‘Cos I’m the spawn O’ nightstorm,/An’ death sails in me wake,/I sheath me blade in innards,/An’ what I want, I take!/Come one, come all, I’m waitin’,/I’ll flay your carcass bare,/So everyplace I go they’ll say,/“Ahoy, you bold corsaaaaiiiirrrrrr!"

The vermin laughed and cheered as he twiddled a tune on his melodeon, singing in a cracked baritone, "Would yer plunder from yer mother?/Yes I would, yes I would,/For me mother always said I was no good./I'm a searat bred an' born,/An' I'm sailin' in the morn,/Stan' aside, me lucky buckoes, let me go!/Cut me teeth upon a cutlass/Yes I did, yes I did,/An' me pore ole daddy ran away an' hid,/Sayin', "That's no child o' mine,/Let 'im sail across the brine,/Stan' aside now for the vermin, let 'im go!"/If there's plunder in the offin'/That's fer me, that's fer me,/An' I never charge, I'll kill you all for free,/Give me lots o' lovely loot,/An' a cask o' grog ter boot,/Up the anchor, loose the sails an' let me go!"

"Whether she sails on river or sea,/May the wind be always behind her,/May she always be welcomed by friends like me,/May the foebeast never find her./Let her crew hold the lives of each other dear,/And avoid every sharp rock or reef,/Good seasons and fates now listen and hear,/Keep this gallant Freebeast from all grief!"

"Of all the creatures in the land,/The sea or in the air,/Not one of 'em is half so grand,/Or as noble as a hare./A hare can jump, a hare can run,/He don't live down a hole,/In fact a hare's a lot more fun,/Than almost any mole./A hare's courageous and so brave,/Good-mannered and quite courtly,/Sometimes he's serious and grave,/But never fat, just portly./He never puts a footpaw wrong,/His disposition's sunny,/With ears so elegant and long,/Not stubby like a bunny./So sing his praises everywhere,/This creature bold, with charm to spare,/The one thing better than a hare,/Is two hares, that's a pair!"

"Hmph! Good job I'm polite an' withdrawn too, not like these otter types, brash common wallahs. Still, what can one expect of a creature with funny little ears an' a tail like a bally plank."

Craklyn whirled her bushy tail fiercely. "Aye, and when we do we'll stuff 'em down the throats of those scum who kidnapped our friends, one by one!" Friar Higgle crept smiling from the infirmary, murmuring, "Very nice for young abbeymaids, charmin'."

Unfolding it, she read aloud, "There is a warrior,/Where is a sword?/Peace did he bring,/The fighting Lord. /Shed for him is my fifth tear./Find it in the title here,/Written in but a single word,/And eye is an eye, until it is heard."

“There was an otter be a stream,/Come ringle dum o lady,/Who fell asleep and had a dream,/All on the bank so shady./He dreamt the stream was made of wine,/It flowed along so merry,/And when he drank it tasted fine,/Like plum and elderberry./And all the banks were made of cake,/Come ringle ding my dearie,/As nice as any cook could bake,/That otter felt quite cheery./He drank and ate with right good will,/Till wakened by his daughter./She said, ‘I hope you’ve had your fill,/Of mud and cold streamwater!’/Come ringle doo fol doodle day,/Come wisebeast or come witty,/A fool who dreams to dine that way,/Must waken to self-pity.”

"Oh, that's a great help. I thought you were going to tell us all something intelligent for a moment there!"

“If Sister Cicely serves some soup,/She’ll surely see some sup it,/Swig it swift, sure and slick,/Should it set stiff ‘n’slimy, then suck it./If Cicely suspects that such soup has been scorned,/She’ll slip slyly in and even the score,/So if Sister persists, woe to him that resists,/Cicely’s certain to serve him some more."

Baring his yellowed teeth, the searat spat on the ground. "I ain't talkin' to nobeast an' you can't make me!" With startling speed, Grath leaped over the fire, landed in a crouch facing Gowja and fixed him, eye to eye. Her voice was dangerous, like the growl of thunder on a far horizon. "Keep lookin' at me, scum, and don't dare blink! I am Grath Longfletch of Holt Lutra, the only one of my tribe left alive after yore kind visited my home. When I've eaten my vittles you'll talk t'me, in fact I'll wager you'll make a babblin' brook seem dumb by the time I'm finished with you!"

“Sad winds sweep the shores,/Near a place called Holt Lutra,/Where first I saw daylight the day I was born,/And lone seabirds call/O’er the grave of them all,/Whilst my tears mingle into the seas as I mourn./
For those Tears of all Oceans,/Six pearls like pink rosebuds,/Once plucked from the waters beneath the deep main,/Oh my father, oh my mother/Dear sisters and brothers,/In the gray light of dawn all my family were slain./They sailed in by nightdark,/Those cold heartless vermin,/Their pity as scant as a midwinter’s breath,/Then laughing and jeering/As slashing and spearing,/My kinfolk were slaughtered by wavescum to death./But there greatest mistake was,/They left Lutra’s daughter,/I swore then an oath that the seasons would show,/My Green arrows flying,/And seavermin dying,/Cursing with their last breath the swift song of my bow./So vengeance will drive me,/As long as my paw’s strong,/To sharpen a shaft and my bowstring to stretch,/The price vermin paid,/For six pearls in a raid,/Is that death bears the same name as I, Grath Longfletch.”

"Let the birds fly high before us,/An' our wake trail straight behind./When yore heart is yearnin' for it,/Home is not too hard to find./May our way be bright an' sunny,/Back to where the campfires burn,/There our friends an' families waitin',/For the warriors to return./Are the old ones happily livin'/An' the young ones tall an' grown?/We will soon see smilin' faces,/Of all those we've always known./Far we've travelled, long we've wandered,/Morn till night an' dusk to dawn,/But there's no place we'll rest easy,/Save the land where we were born."


New Percy Jackson Trailer

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yes! I was correct-Sean Bean IS playing Zeus.
Okay, some parts do look a bit odd and all, but it still looks good. Best line so far? "This is a pen."


I Am An Otter

You're an otter, mate! Another good friend of Redwall, you are a natural swimmer and a deadly fighter especially with a long bow or javellin. Camp Willow is your home, just as Redwall is your second home. You have a good heart and a strong sense of loyalty. You absolutely love Shrimp and Hotroot soup, living by the motto "Ain't nothing 'otter for an Otter!".

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