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>> Friday, January 29, 2010

What do you all want me to post about?

Yes, I want to know what my readers want to read. You want me to post about your favorite author, a song you like, anything.

You comment a request, I'll do it.
So comment on what you want if you like!


Taggerung Quotes

Picture by Cybercatmia
"We don't plan on wasting time at the wayside, do we, Deyna?" From his mother's arms, the baby otter gave a rough squeak. Rillflag nodded in his direction. "He said no." All three burst out laughing.

You can get a lot of things done in dreams.

"Marvelous places, kitchens. Full of food, y'know."

"Aye, I've seen friends too, good companions, die and pass over to the silent streams and sunlight glades. Oh, I'm not the hard old warrior like everybest thinks I am. I've grieved and shed tears, long and loud, for my departed loved ones. Don't be ashamed to weep; 'tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us."

Gruven pointed at Tagg and yelled, "A false trail! You sent me on a false trail!" The Taggerung rose slowly, wiping a paw across his mouth. "And you were clever enough to follow it. Well done, Gruven!"

"My first is third,/ like the sound of the sea,/My second’s the center of you, not me,/My third is the end of him but not you,/My fourth starts a picture, not a view,/My fifth is in bean, though not in been,/My sixth and seventh start seldom seen./Sunrise and sunset, warmth and cold, /Put them together a sign will unfold."

"Gruven Zann! Juskazann!/Take our name, rule our clan,/Heed the voice of the Chieftain now dead,/Bring back to this Seer the traitor’s head!"

Curling his tail soulfully, the assistant cook spoke one word as if it were a prayer. "Fwirl!"

Broggle sighed. "Isn't she just...just...Isn't she?" Gundil lay flat on his back peering up into the foliage. "She'm surrpintly is, zurr. You'm a gurt lucky beast!"

"Hush now you humming bee,/Soft shadows creep,/Silent in summer’s eve,/Sleep baby sleep."

Ruskem was snoring gently in his chair, but Nimbalo was talking in his sleep, sobbing too. In the dim glow of the turf fire, Tagg watched his friend tossing about on the bed, and listened to the harvest mouse's disjointed ramblings. "But Papa, I've done all the work. I'm hungry. Ow! Ow! Please don't beat me, Papa, I've done all the work. Where's Mama? I want my mama! What...oh! Mama, please come back..." Nimbalo sobbed heartbreakingly.

Vallug stood to one side deferentially. "Good idea, mate. After you." Eefera did a mock bow, but stayed where he was. "Nay, friend, you go first." They stared hard at each other, eye to eye, then both broke out into false hearty laughter and strode off together. Neither of the two wanted to expose his back to the other.

"Keep that footpaw still, ye great ruffian, or I'll sling yer in the water!" Jurkin chuckled at the idea. "Savage liddle beast, ain't 'e?" Nimbalo opened one eye and growled, "one more word out o' you, needlebritches, an' you'll find out why they calls me Nimbalo the Slayer!"

"Oh, and what does Boorab mean by A and B the C of D? Sounds like some kind of code." "I asked him once. He said it's some old military saying," Filorn explained. "The first letters of the phrase above and beyond the call of duty."

"Mateys don't tell otherbeasts their secrets."

"Fidlededee, laddie buck, y've never been in a real pea souper of a fog. I remember one time I got caught in a fog so bally thick I had to cut my way out with a knife, wot!" Nimbalo loomed up like a small blanketed ghost and sat with them. "Huh, that's nothin'. I was in a mountain fog once, they're the worst kind, couldn't see my paw behind my back, or me tail if'n I looked forward. 'Twas so thick I saw a frog walkin' on it!" A voice spoke from behind Nimbalo. "Mountain fogs are mere wisps compared to a good marsh fog. When I was younger we used to go out for marsh fogs, they were so thick and soft. I'd take my needles with me and knit them into blankets for the infirmary!"
"You fell into a giant trifle an' ate your way out?" Boorab stared at the mousebabe with something akin to hero worship in his eyes.
He patted his small fat stomach. "Yip, h'I did, sir!"
The hare's gaze misted over as he imagined what it would be like to fall into a monster trifle and eat his way out. "You lucky blighter."


Take a Voyage

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First OFFICIAL photos for the upcoming Voyage of Dawn treader!
Am I the only one who can't wait? Coming out December 10.


Trouble Comes Looking For Me

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

I saw this and I just HAD to post it!
Who knows, someday I might actually have the opportunity to watch it. But for now, I'm just gonna revel in the fact that he's the BEST Robin Hood I've seen thus far.


Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Teaser

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

This took me FOREVER to find, and even longer to post.
Hope you enjoy it!


Of Course

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globe winners announced!


Just thought you might wanna know.


Lord Brocktree Quotes

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

Picture by 1-Renaissance
A foreboding of great evil lay over the land and sea. But nobeast knew the cause of it.

"Hey ho away we go./Row, me hearties. Row row row!"

"Fools!Do they think they can scare us with their battle cries?" Ungatt Trunn did not even deign to look at the shrunken fox. "No, they don't mean to scare us, but they're letting us know that they aren't scared either. That's called courage, Groddil, but you wouldn't understand it. If those hares were enough in numbers to match us one to one, then I'd be scared."

A kick from the hare's footpaw sent the plate flying. His eyes were like stone, his voice dripping contempt. "I don't eat with cowards!" Jukka sprang up, a loaded sling automatically in her paw. "Nobeast calls Jukka the Sling a coward!" The old hare tore his tunic open, exposing his scrawny chest. "Then kill me! One old hare shouldn't be too difficult for a warrior like you, wot? Slay me an' see how long you an' your band can hide out this pine grove until Ungatt Trunn's Blue Horde's find you all. Then you'll wish you'd helped t'fight against him an' save Salamandastron!"

"War is a business. I do it for profit, for all the weapons my tribe may plunder if victory is ours!"

"Down goes the paw an' up rises dust,/Keep thy courage, hold thy trust,/Come to our journey's end we must,/Marching the high road together./Tramp tramp tramp! Can we make camp?/Not whilst there's light, not 'til tonight!/One two! One two! Beneath a sky o' blue,/Sing out, comrades, Tramp tramp tramp! /On goes the trail, for ever more,/Weary of limb, and sore of paw,/Keep on moving, that's our law,/Marching the high road together./Tramp tramp tramp! Can we make camp?/I'll tell ye when, don't stop 'til then!/One two! One two! Daylight hours growing few,/Sing out, comrades, Tramp tramp tramp!"

"Well, I'm sick an' fed up o' bein' called longears, see! I'll call you Jukka, you call me Fleetscut, I'll call your blinkin' lot squirrels, an' you call my flippin' lot hares, wot, wot?" Jukka feigned an air of indifference. "As thou pleasest."
"You can bet your jolly life I pleasest!"

"How'd she like it if I called her Sling the Jukka? I say, that's a good idea, why don't we sling her?"

"Take them away and lock them up!" Before any of the Horde could lay paws on the captives, Torleep, a fine upright old hare, rapped out some orders. "Form twelve ranks five deep, you lot! look lively now, dress off to y'right! Ten...shun! Straighten up at the back theyah, laddie buck, show these vermin how it's done! Chin in, head back, shoulders straight, eyes forward, ears stiff! That's the stuff! Now, by the right, quick march! One two, one two! Right markers, keep those lines straight!" Off tho their prison cave they marched, surrounded by bewildered vermin, who could not comprehend how a defeated band of ancient hares could sing in captivity, although sing thy did, loud, long and courageously.

"One...two...waylaheykoom!" Everybeast bent to the paddles, roaring back at Kubba, "Shrum! Shrumm!" Kubba called the stroke on every third beat: "Waylaheykoom!" Dotti and her friends joined the Guosim's answer: "Shrumm! Shrumm!"
"Oh the river is deep an' swift an' wide." "Waylaheykoom!" "An' there's my matey at my side!" "Shrumm! Shrumm!" "With the sunlight beamin' through the trees."
"Waylaheykoom!" "We'll all remember days like these." "Shrumm! Shrumm!"
"Oh oh waylaheykoom shrumm shrum shrew, I won't forget a friend like you!"

"Full marks, miss. You was magnificent! Dotti kept the pose, simpering and fluttering her lids. "Why thank you, my good fellow. Did it earn one perhaps a smidgen of that woodland trifle which Gurth made, wot?" The otter shook his head firmly. "'Fraid not, miss." "Yah, go an' boil your beastly head, y'great slabsided boat-nosed planktailed excuse for a worthless waterwalloper!"

"Lissen, if'n we wants the 'aremaid to win we've got to make sacriphones!" Fleetscut chuckled. "Aye, an' some sacrifices, too, marm." Mirklewort nodded sagely. "Them, too!"

"We'll teach 'em the art o' war, mate!"
"Aye, an' 'twill be the 'ardest lesson they ever learned!"

"Stiff, wot makes anybeast foller a master like that?" Stiffener doodled sand patterns with his paw. "Who knows, Brog? Fear, wantin' to be on the side of a conqueror who always wins. Maybe the vermin joins 'is ranks 'cos deep down they're as bad 'n' evil as Trunn hisself."

"Ah promise not tae hit ye too hard." Dotti moved a little closer to him. "Thankee, sah, an' I promise not t' let you hit me at all!"

Jukka made as if to stroll away, but one of the rats barred her way with his spear haft. "I ain't seen you afore." Jukka sneered back at him. "An' I ain't seen you, or I'd remember yer ugly face. Now get that spear out o' me way!"

"My blade like winter's cold doth bite,/Come guide me, Badger Lord,/For truth and justice we must fight,/Wield me, your Battle Sword!/Defend the weak, protect the meek,/Take thy good comrades' part,/My point like lightning, send to seek/The foebeast's evil heart!"

"Now I see your face, Ungatt Trunn. Look upon me!" Trunn finally looked into the eyes of his tormentor, but this time it was no vision-the terrifying nemesis of his dreams had at last become flesh and blood. One word escaped the wildcat's lips and echoed around the silent, crowded shore. "Mercy!" The next thing everybeast heard was the bone-jarring snap of Ungatt Trunn's spine as Brocktree caught him in a swift, deadly embrace.

"Now, ye set still there an' ah'll tell yer a sad auld tale, aboot a puir young hare, whit wis left for dead by a wicked auld fox who beat him wi' a sword blade." Bucko's chuckle was neither pleasant nor friendly. "Weel now, ah see ye reckernize me at last. Tell me, mah friend, how does it feel t'be wi'out yer great horde o' vermin tae help ye out?" Whup! Karangool screamed in pain as the flat of Bucko's sword struck him smartly across his shoulder. The mountain hare bellowed in his face. "Tell me!"

"These are the days of Ungatt Trunn the Fearsome Best! O Mighty One, he who makes the stars fall! Conqueror, Earth Shaker, son of King Mortspear, brother to Verdauga! Lord of all the Blue Hordes, who are as many as the leaves of autum! O All Powerful Ungatt Trunn!" Turning his back upon the sea, the crippled fox limped away and was never seen in those lands again.

The ten ships sailed off into the golden afternoon, with the farewell war cry gladdening the hearts of all.


Faun to Hobbit?

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fantasy movies like using eachothers' actors, it seems.

James McAvoy, who played Mr. Tumnus in the Chronicles of Narnia, is being considered for Bilbo in the upcoming Hobbit movie. Which, I don't have a problem with...

And Cameron Rhodes who played Famer Maggot in The Fellowship(A.K.A the frightened hobbit the ringwraith questioned) played the gryphon in the movie previously mentioned.

And Ray Winstone who was Mr. Beaver in Narnia, is going to play Ares in Percy Jackson!
It's a small world, huh?


Blow Me Away

>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

After passing by Dirty Magic by Carol Hughes a thousand times in the library, I finally read it.

It was a thrill ride that left me speechless and left my imagination whirring. Totally enthralling, it sweeps you away with Joe, a kid about as average as his name, and takes you with him into the terrifying world of Asphodel. Here, trench warfare and terrible machines rule. Think Steampunk meets WWI.
There, a feisty girl named Katherine and a blind old man named Spider must lead him through this land of war and death. It's the only way he can find his sister. Personally, I really liked Spider. I dunno, I seem to have a soft spot for bitter characters with dark secrets.
This book is filled with conspiracies, action, betrayal, and a plot to die for.

I gave it 5 stars, and once you read it, you will too.

Objectionable content: Two uses of the H-word.


Tourists say the Darndest Things

>> Monday, January 11, 2010

You will not BELIEVE these real-life questions tourists have actually asked.
"What time is the Loch Ness Monster fed?"
"Can you tell me which beach is closest to the ocean?"
"How long does it take to get from Tokyo to Korea by train?"
"What time do the whales swim by?"
"Is the island surrounded by water?"
"What time's the 2 o'clock tour?"
"Where's the bus for the walking tour?"
"Will I get wet if I go snorkeling?"
"Should I put my luggage outside the cabin before or after I go to sleep?"
"Why did the Greeks build so many ruins?"
"Windsor Castle is beautiful, but why did they build it so close to the airport?"
"Where is the good shopping in Antarctica?"
"Can you tell me what time the volcano will erupt? I want to be sure to take a photograph."


My Judgement Sucks II

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

You've probably heard of Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. You know, the one that was a Newberry Award Winner? I didn't want to read it. Even though my friend begged me tens of thousands of times, I was loth to. Books about girls learning to be princesses aren't really my thing. Anyway, I finally got around to reading it.

Yes, once again, my judgement sucks.

It was amazing! Not only was Miri a exceedingly likable heroine, but it surpassed every expectation. The mountain folk are considered lowly because of who thy are. Miri's constantly trying to stand up for her and her mountain.

Despite the title, most of it was not about the academy. Mostly it was about proving the world wrong and overcoming all obstacles. Oh yeah, and bandits. Yes, there is a heavy dose of adventure involved.

So if you were like me, and thought Princess Academy was about silly girls going to school, think again. And then just go and read it.


The Legend of Luke Quotes

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

Picture by Moundchap
Courage may blossom in quiet hearts,/For who can tell where bravery starts?

"Away o! Away o! Now bend yore backs an' heave ho!"

Abess Germaine opened the proceedings by pointing an accusing paw at the Warrior. "What does this creature stand charged with?" Answers came rattling back like hailstones. "Always helping others!" "Defending our creatures with his life!" "Never considering himself!" "Being good and kind to all about him!" "Assisting Abess Germaine to design the Abbey!" "Bein' the best friend a mousethief ever had, matey!"

"Thank you-thank you all. What can I say?" The irrepressible Gonff pounded him on the back. "That's easy, matey, you can either say no, an' sit around with a face like thunder until the flippin' Abbey falls down on us, or you can say yes, when do we leave?"

"Don't encourage him, mates. I've heard that song. There's still another forty-seven verses t'go yet!" Martin leaped on Dinny suddenly, stifling the mole's mouth with both paws. Trimp sniffed at the Warrior severely. "Don't be so bad mannered, sir. Let poor Dinny finish his song. Chugger and I were enjoying it!" Martin shot her a warning glance, his voice an urgent whisper. "Don't make another sound, Trimp. Gonff, throw some water on that fire, and let's get in the stream, quick!"

"Aye, an' thy ole grandad allus said you'm wurr ee most gurtly 'andsome creature. Noice ole beast ee wurr. Oi used to take 'im for walks lest ee bump into trees. Bloind ee wurr, pore creetur!"

"Sometimes friends do go from us-it will happen more and more as you grow up, Chugg. But if you really love your friends, they're never gone. Somewhere they're watching over you and they're always there inside your heart."

Trimp was trying to hold on to Chugger, but he wriggled out of her grasp and went swiftly on all fours to Folgrim. Smiling up into the otter's scarred face, Chugger grabbed a pasty and lectured him like a mother squirrel. "Eaty all up now, or y'don't grow bigga strong like me. H'i eatim up if you don't, silly ole riverdog!" Suddenly folgrim burst out laughing at the little squirrel's antics and took a big bite of the proffered pasty. "You ain't eatin' all my breakfast up, liddle sir, ho no!"

"Hogstamp pawclap all around the floor,/Shake those spikes that's what they're for./Day is ended work is done,/Hogstamp pawclap everyone!/Curtsy the pretty maid bow down sir,/You've never danced with one so fair./Take y'partner one two three,/Swing to the left love follow me!/Rap rap rap! /Let's hear those paws,/I'll stamp mine if you stamp yours,/Round an' round now jump up high,/Lookit that young hogmaid fly./Hogstamp pawclap, move to the right,/I could dance with you all night,/Skip into the middle o' the ring,/Raise y' voice let's hear you sing!"

"Though I'm not certain I want to know now. I have a feeling inside that 'tis going to be a long and tragic tale."

"So when the house at last was built,/His wife nailed up a sign,/Which stated "THIS AIN'T NINIANS!"/She said, "That shows 'tis mine!"/Then when the countless seasons passed,/And all within had died,/The rain and storm of ages long,/Had swept the sign outside./It washed the first three letters out,/But left the rest intact,/The sign now reads, "S AINT NINIANS!"/A church? A joke? A fact!"

"You vermin scum, oh mercy me,/Beware when Luke puts out to sea,/Keep that windlass turnin', bend yore backs an' push!"

"Would you like to name the ship, son?" Martin would not let anybeast see tears in his eyes, so he rushed off along the shore, calling back to Luke, "Call her Sayna after my mother!"

"You will stay and help defend our cave against all comers, protect those weaker than yourself and honor our code. Always use the sword to stand for good a right, and never do a thing you would be ashamed of, and never let your heart rule your mind."

"You and I shall stand watch together, 'til the ravenwinged shades of night are flown down and earth is reborn in fiery sunlight to day!" Luke leaned on the taffrail, eyes searching the shoreline. "Well said, Beau, very poetic, mate."

Beau peeped in at Luke, his face a mark of mock accusation. "Why aren't you dead, sah?" Luke shook his head in disbelief. "Why aren't you?"
"Far too hungry to let things like dyin' interfere with my plans, old feller."

"Cold 'n' wet wouldn't be so blinkin' bad if I wasn't flippin' well starvin' t'death. What would you sooner do, Vurg, freeze t'death, drown t'death, or starve t'death?" The mouse opened one eye and murmured, "You didn't say wot wot."
"Why the devil should I say wot wot?"
"'Cos you always say wot wot!"

"I've sailed northern seas before-they can be treacherous." Luke smiled fearlessly. "As treacherous as you?" Vilu Daskar returned the smile. "Not quite."

Luke kept his head bent, resisting the rope's tug. "How does it feel, murderer, to have death starin' you in the face?" he gritted out from between clenched teeth. "Think of all the innocent creatures you've sent to their deaths. Go on, tell me how it feels?"

"Take a deep breath, buckoes, it'll be yore last!"

Luke the Warrior pressed his face close to that of his mortal enemy, crushing him tighter and whispering, "Cowards die a thousand times, a warrior dies only once. The spirits of all you have slain are watching you, Vilu Daskar, and they will rest in peace now that your time has come. You must die as you have lived, a coward to the last!"

"...For sweetness can be lost, like a faithless lover's kiss!"


Grey Travel Awards 2009

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

There's Oscars and Grammys.

Now there's Grey Travel Awards!

This is reviewing all the movies and books in previous posts and 2009 theaters that deserve my critique.


Recognition:Harry Potter 6
Honorable Recognition: Inkheart
Grey Travel Award: Up, 9


Must-Reads: Redwall, Mossflower, Salamandastron, Martin the Warrior, The Bellmaker, Outcast of Redwall, Pearls of Lutra, The Long Patrol, Marlfox, The Legend of Luke, Lord Brocktree, Triss, Loamhedge, Rakkety Tam, High Rhulain, Doomwyte

Absolutley MUST be made into movies: Redwall, Martin the Warrior, Outcast of Redwall, Legend of Luke, Rakkety Tam

Grey Travel Award: The Bellmaker, The Long Patrol, Marlfox, Lord Brocktree


Happy New Year!!!

Whew, that's one year of blogging over, with a total of 67 posts!

Thanks to all who read them and commented. If you want me to do any specific posts in the future, feel free to ask.

In other words, please do.


I Am An Otter

You're an otter, mate! Another good friend of Redwall, you are a natural swimmer and a deadly fighter especially with a long bow or javellin. Camp Willow is your home, just as Redwall is your second home. You have a good heart and a strong sense of loyalty. You absolutely love Shrimp and Hotroot soup, living by the motto "Ain't nothing 'otter for an Otter!".

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