To Sierra

>> Thursday, September 29, 2011

I couldn't comment on your blog, (my computer wouldn't let me) so I decided on a different way to contact you.
That book you reviewed, Forsaking All Others, is incredibly badly-researched and false.

I am a Mormon, and I just wanted to clear some things up about our beliefs.
We do not approve or practice polygamy. It's a very common misconception that we do, but we don't.
And we don't believe we're going to become Gods just because we're Mormon, either.

If you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

God bless.



Sierra/Arries over at Whispers of the Wind awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award!
Thanks, Sierra!

The rules are:
List 7 things about yourself and
award 15 other lovely bloggers.

Here goes:

1. If I have a choice between researching online and researching by book, I'll choose to do it by book.
2. I'm often called an old soul.
3. I can't play an instrument to save my life.
4. I get cold very easily.
5. I'm a big history buff. To me, it's just one dang good story.
7. I wish I could apprentice myself to a famous artist for a few years (Like, say, Tony DiTerlizzi), just so he could teach me his wisdom.

I award:
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Ivorydancer at Another Once in Time
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The Lost Thing

>> Saturday, September 24, 2011

I've always been a fan of Shaun Tan, ever since I picked up The Arrival in the library.
So when I heard that his short film The Lost Thing won Best Short Film last year, I was happy for him.
It wasn't until recently that I got my hands on the book that the short film was based on. And it wasn't until recently that I watched it.
It's beautiful. If anything deserved to win, it's this. It's true to Shaun Tan's book and even adds a few things of its own. I loved the music, and the animation is wonderful. It perfectly fit the story of childhood creativity lost and found.

You can watch it below:

 I also noticed a few things added into the shortfilm from his other books.
This Lost Thing resembles an animal from The Arrival.

If you look closely at the newspaper, you can see an article titled "The Amnesia Machine", a story from Tan's book Tales from Outer Suburbia.
One of the Lost Things shows the cycle of a flower on its screen; a flower that resembles one from The Arrival.



>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Travis Hanson, creator of the webcomic The Bean, is doing a kickstarter project to raise money in order to publish Volume One.
Please support him and his amazing webcomic! It's well worth it.
Click here to access the Kickstarter.


The Rogue Crew Quotes Part 3

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

Picture by chichapie

"Aye, there was nothin' wrong with the song, mate'twas the singer. Our Log a Log's a champion dancer, an' a great leader, but when he opens his mouth t'sing, it sounds like a score o' frogs bein' pelted with rocks!" His companion, Banktail, agreed fervently. "I was goin' to say that meself, but I didn't want to 'urt the feelin's of any nearby frogs, mate!"

"Does that suit ye, Rake?"
The tall, dark captain unbuckled both his blades. "Aye, that suits me grand. Ah'm fair starved!"
Jum Gurdy murmured, "If I ever meet a hare who isn't, 'twill be a rare sight..."
Rake overheard the remark. He stared at the otter cellardog. "Ye were sayin'...?"
Jum replied neatly, "I was just sayin', Cap'n, we ain't had a bite to eat since last night!"

"Rest now, an' don't fret. Those killers will cry tears o' blood when we meet up with 'em. Ye have my oath on that!"

"Well, I'll even the score, I tell ye. We won't rest 'til we can dance on their graves, every last mother's son o' the cowardly butchers!"

Big Drander splashed out with his paddle, soaking the colour sergeant. He apologised, grinning from ear to ear. "I say, Sarn't, sorry about that, me jolly old paddle slipped. Didn't get too wet, did ye?"
Miggory held a paw toward Drander. "I dunno—tell me wot you think, big feller." Drander stood awkwardly, reaching out to touch the sergeant's paw. As he did, a quick flip from Miggory toppled him into the river. Miggory watched as his comrades rescued Drander. "Ho, sorry h'about that, young sah, me jolly h'old paw slipped. Didn't get too wet, did ye, wot?"

"Allus remember, young sah, the quickness o' the paw can deceive the eye—h'an' like h'as not, blacken it!"

"Mark my words, young 'un, there's trouble ahead for our Abbey. Big trouble!"

"Lookit 'ere, mates. We got uz a rabbet!"
The old rat nodded eagerly. "I et a rabbet once—'twas nize!"
To their surprise, Miggory showed no fear, but joined in amicably. "H'I don't think ye'd like me, though. H'I'm a hare, not a rabbit. We're tough, y'see."
A nearby stoat poked him in the back. "Tough, eh? 'Ow tough?"
Rounding on the stoat, the sergeant knocked him out cold with a thunderous straight left. "H'is that tough h'enough for ye, scumnose?"

"Now, do ye like proper, thick woodland stew?" She held up a paw before Drander could reply. "I mean real Woodland Stew, made to an ole Wiltud recipe. With every veggible ye could shake a stick at chopped up into it. Aye, an' full o' chesnut'n'acorn dumplin's."
Overcome by emotion, tears sprang to Drander's eyes. "Chesnut'n'acorn dumplin's, marm, it makes me weak just thinkin' about 'em. Oh, my giddy grandad, where is it, marm?"

The pace stepped up, faces were set grim, weapons grasped tight. On to the Abbey of Redwall, and bad fortune to any foebeasts who dared stand in the way of such warriors!

"Come on, me buckoes, let's give the scum some steel!"

Throwing away her blade, she pleaded, whining piteously, "Mercy, sir, mercy. Can't ye see I'm unarmed?"
Trug swung his sword, gritting out the words. "Aye, I'll show ye mercy, just as ye did to my young sister an' her friends the night ye murdered them!" The young hare's words echoed in the Seer's head. It was the last voice she ever heard.


9/11: Ten Years Later

>> Sunday, September 11, 2011

Has it really been ten years since that day?
But no matter how many years pass by, we must never forget.


I See Why

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recent news is that Disney pulled the plug on thier movie adaptation of The Lone Ranger.
I'll give you a couple of good reasons.

The first reason was because of the budget, which was reaching as high as $250 million!
But that's not all that made the company hesitant to continue.
Johnny Depp was going to play Tonto (who was going to be the main character despite the title "The Lone Ranger").
And he was going to be a werewolf.
That's right, a werewolf.

The movie was planned to be an "Indian-spiruality werewolf film." (The CGI for that probably explains the budget.)
It was going to have tons of effects, with Tonto as a werewolf ripping people to shreds...

So, I can see why they pulled the plug on this.
I mean, a Lone Ranger movie starring Tonto as a werewolf?
I don't even know why they bought the script.


Cigars of the Pharaoh

>> Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cigars of the Pharaoh
by Hergé

I'd never heard of Tintin until the upcoming movie came to my attention. Determined to know if the movie would be worth seeing, I sought out the comics. But there's a wondrous lack of Tintin books in America, and I was forced to make subsequent trips to Barnes & Noble just to fully read "The Secret of the Unicorn." I was charmed, but still hesitant, so I went to my library and ordered the only Tintin book they had: Cigars of the Pharaoh.

I really enjoyed it--there was adventure, wit, and lots of hilarious comedy. Tintin was clever and the author equally so. There was always a surprise in the plot.
I'm not saying that this ensures that I'll like the movie. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.
And I'm not saying that I'm now a die-hard Tintin fan. I mean, I've only read two books so far.
But so far, I like what I'm seeing.

Favorite Line:

Objectionable Content: One use of the Lord's name in vain.

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I Am An Otter

You're an otter, mate! Another good friend of Redwall, you are a natural swimmer and a deadly fighter especially with a long bow or javellin. Camp Willow is your home, just as Redwall is your second home. You have a good heart and a strong sense of loyalty. You absolutely love Shrimp and Hotroot soup, living by the motto "Ain't nothing 'otter for an Otter!".

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