The Sable Quean Quotes Part 1

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Picture by MushyZ

One day when our hearts were young,/we went roving with right good will,/side by side two comrades/to find what lay o'er the hill./Our spirits never wearied then,/in those high old times gone by./What friends we made, what perils we faced,/together you and I./Now eyes grow dim, and paws feel stiff,/even vittles don't taste the same./You wake one day, with your whiskers grey,/what price then, medals an' fame?/Alas, all we have are memories,/to take out, dust off, and share./But, oh, my friend, the pride we feel,/just to know that we were there!/We travelled an' fought an' feasted,/we triumphed, we marched and songs were sung,/we faced death, saw life and adventure!/One day when our hearts were young.

"Rebellious, disobedient rascal!" Buckler grinned. "Just like me, I s'pose." Lord Brang paused, then his attitude softened. "Aye, just like you."

"Travel is an adventure!"

"Don't be shy. You're amongst friends."

She scowled at him. "Yore nosier'n yer pal, you are. Lissen, yew attend to yore bizness, an' I'll see t'mine, alright?" Buckler turned away from her. "Suit y'self, miss."

"What ho what ho, 'tis true y'know,/no creature can compare,/to a dashin' singin' harum-scarum,/Salamandastron hare...wot wot!"

The last sound Grullba heard was the battleaxe singing his deathsong with one whistling swish.

"An' when my stream of life runs out,/don't weep for me or mope about,/just lay me in some ole logboat,/an' to the sea of dreams I'll float."A rum tum tum, a rum tum tum,/Oh, pass me a paddle, matey!"

"Jango, what's going on? Anything wrong?" The Shrew Chieftain's lips barely moved as he murmured, "Keep yore wits about ye, mate. We might 'ave a chance t'see how good ye are wid that long blade o' yores."

"Well, he did promise to serve me until his death. How long do you think that'll be?" Dirva cackled. "Not long, my Quean, not long at all!"

Buckler restored order, bawling out in fine paradeground manner, "Silence, you horrible lot! Next beast to make a sound gets slain forthwith. Now shut up!"

The old rat hobbled off, cackling hoarsely, "So now the game begins!"

"I swear that Zwilt the Shade and his Ravagers-aye, and the one they call the Sable Quean-will die by my paw. Nor will I rest until the babes are safely back with their mother, the wife of my brother Clerun. I will wear the Coin of the Blademaster and pass on my brother's broadsword to his son. I take this oath upon the honour of the Kordyne family. This is my word!"

Dirva pointed to the closest three creatures. "They'll do-take 'em!" Flandor the young otter grabbed a stoat who was shoving the Dibbun squirrelmaid, Tassy, into a big sack. "Leave her alone, you dirty villain!" He dealt the stoat a good punch to the right eye. That was where the resistance ended. Flandor was set upon by guards and beaten senseless with spearbutts. Thwip was cracking his lash, snarling, "Get back! Back, I say, all of ye!"

Buckler was waiting as Zwilt came striding over the flatland, brandishing the broadsword. "I've been given orders not to slay you, longears. What is it that you want? Speak!" Buckler did his best to provoke Zwilt to fight. "You rotten, stinkin', murderin' coward! That sword you hold is my brother's blade. How did ye kill him, yellow guts? By stabbin' him in the back?" Buckler drew his long rapier; Zwilt took a pace backward. He opened his cloak to reveal the medallion hanging about his neck. Showing his teeth in a malevolent smile, he replied, "Your brother, was he? Stupid, clodhoppin' soil plougher! No need to stab that one in the back-I cut him to ribbons with one paw behind my back. I took his pretty medal, too. D'ye like it, longears?" The young hare's steel made the air thrum as he came at the tall sable. "Put up that blade or the young ones die!" Vilaya had dropped to the rear of her her Ravagers. Her eyes glittered with menace as she hissed, "I warn ye, do you want their blood on your head?" Buckler sheathed his rapier back over his shoulder. The Sable Quean called to her commander, "Leave him, Zwilt. Don't waste your time with the fool. Come on." Buckler was quivering from ears to tailscut. He had trouble keeping his voice level. "We'll meet again, vermin, and when we do, 'twill be your death day. I swear on my oath!" Zwilt sneered. "Big words for a rabbet with a skinny blade. When we meet again, I'll do to you what I did for your big clumsy brother, but I'll do it slower so you'll suffer longer. Now, run back and hide behind those walls with your friends." Turning his back upon the hare warrior, Zwilt strode off to join the horde.


LOTR is Sweeter Than You Think

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

More AMAZING LOTR vids. Only these aren't funny. Just really well done.

Arwen &Aragorn Tribute - Siuil A Run - Celtic Woman

Pieces (Aragorn/Arwen and Faramir/Eowyn)

The Lord of the Rings - The Mummer's Dance

.:.Meant to Live | Aragorn (LOTR).:.


The Last Fablehaven Book Hits Stores!

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison is the fifth and FINAL installment to the Fablehaven series. And it comes out today!
Who to trust? Will the sanctuaries fall? Who is the Sphinx? Can Vanessa be trusted? Will they rescue their parents, and the world?

Brandon Mull's one of those authors that make you stay up all night reading and trying not gasp. And this is the last one in the series.

(PS- This is my 100th post!)


Travelling with a Translator

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've been messing around on Google Translator, turning snippets from my stories into French, German, and even Japanese. You wouldn't belive how funny it is! Take this example from The Fellowship of the Ring:

Chapter 1

A Long-Expected Party
When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton.
Bilbo was very rich and very peculiar, and had been the wonder of the Shire for sixty years, ever since his remarkable disappearance and unexpected return. The riches he had brought back from his travels had now become a local legend, and it was popularly believed, whatever the old folk might say, that the Hill at Bag End was full of tunnels stuffed with treasure.

And in French:

Chapitre 1

A Long-Parti attendus
Quand M. Bilbon Sacquet de Bag End a annoncé qu'il serait bientôt fêter son eleventy et unième anniversaire, une fête d'une magnificence extraordinaire, il ya eu beaucoup de discussions et d'engouement dans Hobbitebourg.
Bilbo était très riche et très particulier, et avait été l'émerveillement de la Comté pendant soixante ans, depuis sa disparition remarquable et ce retour inattendu. Les richesses qu'il avait ramenés de ses voyages était devenu une légende locale, et il a été populairement croyait, quelles que soient les vieilles gens pourraient dire que la colline, à Bag End était plein de tunnels en peluche avec un trésor.

In German:

Kapitel 1

Eine lang erwartete Party
Als Herr Bilbo Beutlin von Bag End bekannt, dass er in Kürze würde eleventy-feiert seinen ersten Geburtstag mit einem Fest der besonderen Pracht, es wurde viel geredet und Aufregung in Hobbingen.
Bilbo war sehr reich und sehr eigen, und hatte das Wunder der Shire für sechzig Jahren, seit seiner bemerkenswerten Verschwinden und unerwarteten Rückkehr. Der Reichtum hatte er von seinen Reisen mitgebracht hatte inzwischen eine lokale Legende, und es wurde allgemein angenommen, was die alten Leute könnten sagen, dass die Hill in Bag End voll von Tunneln mit Schätzen gefüllte war.
Of Course, I had to do in in Irish-

Caibidil 1

A Long-Pháirtí an Súil
Nuair a d'fhógair an tUasal Bilbo Baggins an mála Deireadh go mbeadh sé luath a bheith ag ceiliúradh a eleventy-chéad bhreithlá le páirtí magnificence speisialta, bhí ann labhairt i bhfad agus excitement i Hobbiton.
Bhí Bilbo saibhir agus an-an-peculiar, agus a raibh an Wonder an Shire le blianta seasca, ó shin i leith a cealú suntasaí agus ar ais gan choinne. An riches Bhí thug sé ar ais as a bhí ag taisteal anois finscéal áitiúil, agus bhí sé gur chreid popularly, is cuma cad é a d'fhéadfadh na tíre d'aois a rá, go raibh an Cnoc ar bolg Deireadh iomlán de tunnels stuffed le Treasure.

And lastly, Japanese (This is by far the funniest!)




Happy St. Patrick's!

>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

 Picture by gamingaddictmike125
Have a great St. Patrick's day!
To celebrate, here's a few fun facts about the Emerald Isle:

-Ireland eats more cornflakes per capita than any other country.
-Irish used the starch water left over from boiled potatoes to stiffen their collars.
-Since he was 14, Peter O'Toole has only worn green socks.
-The Cliffs of Moher are also The Cliffs of Insanity in The Princess Bride.
-In terms of price and quantity, more art has been stolen from the Russborough House than any other museum in the world.
-In Ireland, there are twice as many cattle as people.
-The only horse breed native to Ireland is the Connemara pony.
-The Longest place name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia, which means pig marsh between two saltwater inlets.
-The oldest New Testament in the world is in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.
-There are no snakes or earthquakes in Ireland.
-The Celtic harp is the symbol of Ireland, not the shamrock.
- Even without touring and only a few TV apppearances, Enya has sold more than 70 million albums!
-Thomas Lefroy was a Chief Justice of Ireland for fourteen years. He's also the man Jane Austen based Mr. Darcy on.
-George Bernard Shaw called his writing studio behind his house after the British capital, so when unwanted visitors came calling, they were told that he was "in London".
-Arists, writers, composers and sculptors that live in Ireland are exempt from paying income tax.

Again, have a great day, and thank you all for following!


Loamhedge Quotes II

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picture by Dawnfinder
"I couldn't really say, missy, but one thing's shore, we ain't goin' to Redwall. 'Tis Loamhedge we want. So stop lookin' backwards an' let's go for'ard."

Toran felt that Carrul had taken enough verbal fencing. Recalling the arrow which had been shot to slay his Abbot, he came forward, placing himself in front of Carrul. In one paw he held a long cook's knife; in the other, a pepper bomb. "Wot would ye like, silvertongue-a bit o' this or a bit o' that?" He indicated both weapons as he spoke. "Make yore choice, 'cos that's all ye'll get from us. Redwallers aren't born fools. We know scum, even when they try to talk fancy!"

Time stood still, Martha's voice had deserted her. She was holding herself up with her paws still gripping the chair arms. In front of her, Abbot Carrul stood, smiling at the haremaid and cheering lustily. Behind him, the Searat raised his dagger, preparing to stab at the Abbot's unprotected back. Alarm bells were clanging furiously in Martha's brain, coupled with the voice of Martin the Warrior, thundering at her, "Save your Abbot!" It was over in a flash! Martha stood upright. Charging past Carrul and pushing him to one side, she hit the Searat, knocking him right out of the dormitory window. Toran came bulling forward. He grasped the haremaid's waist, pulling her back into the room. "You walked, Martha! You walked! You walked! You walked!"

"So you never did anything, you were nowhere near, it all had nought to do with you, you are innocent of everything? How many times has that same excuse been made? Think of every bully, cheat, plunderer or murderer before you who has lied with those same words. Once a villain is caught with no pack around him, then everybeast is to blame, except himself, of course.
He will lie, betray and cheat to save his hide. But sometimes there is justice in this world, and fate catches up with him. So speak truly to me, or you will die slowly. You have my word on it-and I never lie."

"Barrum, babba, whum! Pole to the beat o' the drum!/Our Cap'n is a bad ole shrew, I wish I never signed to roam./He feeds us worms and mudpies,too,/oh ma, let me come sailin' home./Barrum babba whum! Pole to the beat o' the drum!"

Saro wiped mud and moss from her paws. "See, we never killed ye after all." Springald muttered under her breath. "Pity."

"Me'n Saro knows wot we're doin'. We can't look after three young 'uns who are still wet be'ind the ears, we've lived one summer too long fer all that!"


Legend of the Guardians Trailer!

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

Yeah, this is Guardians of Ga'hoole. They renamed it apparently. But who cares?! The trailer's out! And it's everything I'd hoped it'd be.

Gylfie (small owl, big words) is perfect! I love Soren's accent, and the animation looks mindblowingly real! This promises to be far more epic than the books. Digger, of course, is still my favorite. And he's being played by David Wenham, the actor who played Faramir! Also, Hugo Weaving (AKA Elrond) is playing Grimble! ( That's him narrating.)

"Picture something real."
"They're real."

There are no movies about owls. That's going to all change on September 24.


Something Old, Something New

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You may not know this, but there was a 1995 version of Pride & Prejudice on BBC. In the new one, I like some characters better and some less. So these are the characters I prefer from each version.

Mr.Darcy-New one-He's just cooler and so gosh-darn charming.
Lizzie-1995-The old version's more sharper and wittier.

Mr. Bennet-1995-He's funnier and not an empty shell.

Mrs. Bennet-Both are hysterical!

Jane-New one-She's prettier and more shy than the older one. And her love story's so sweet.

Mary-1995-She's more awkward and just...weird.

Kitty-1995-In the new one, I can't tell her apart from Lydia! But, then again, neither are very bright.

Lydia-1995-She had more personality.

Mr. Bingley-1995-The new one is more of a fumbling idiot than cheerful.
Mr.Wickham-1995-It's easier to believe him to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Mr. Collins-Both versions are pretty good. That is, annoying.

Edit: After re-watching the '95 film, I must say that both Darcys are fantastic.



>> Friday, March 5, 2010

I've been tagged from Thoughts of a Sheildmaiden. And since this is thye first tag I'm doing, take it easy on me! :)

You grab a book, turn to pg. 123. Then go to the the fith sentence and post the next 4 sentences. The tag 5 people. So, here goes:

"It takes a good ripe man for that weapon."
""Boys are good enough with slings," Conán continued, "but except for eating their fill and running away from a fight, you can't count on boys."
The two bulky men turned towards the school of the Fianna.
It happened that Fionn mac Uail had summoned the gentlemen of the Fianna and their wives to a banquet.

-Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens
I tag Marian, Saerwen, Izori, Gwyn (A New Follower!), and Nahla of the Eastern Winds.


Ripping Off an Irish Fairytale

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

I recently watched 'Penelope' for the first time. While everyone was exclaiming what an original fairy tale it was, I just sat back with my arms folded thinking, Uh-huh. Right. They took an old Irish story that nobody's heard of.

Except me.

I'm telling you, the similarities are astounding!

.The movie: A witch curses Penelope's great grandad, so she's born with the face of a pig. The only way to break the curse is to marry a blue-blood.

.The tale: In the story of Oisin & Tir Na Nog, a girl named Niamh is cursed BY HER DAD to have the FACE OF A PIG. The only way to BREAK THE CURSE IS TO MARRY a son of Finn, or Oisin.

Sound familiar? Thought so.
The only thing Irish in the movie was the pub.
But, still.


I Am An Otter

You're an otter, mate! Another good friend of Redwall, you are a natural swimmer and a deadly fighter especially with a long bow or javellin. Camp Willow is your home, just as Redwall is your second home. You have a good heart and a strong sense of loyalty. You absolutely love Shrimp and Hotroot soup, living by the motto "Ain't nothing 'otter for an Otter!".

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