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Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters
by Lesley M. M. Blume

It's not easy being the daughter of a world-famous piano player. Lucy Englehart is constantly traveling, leaving her daughter to live in her shadow. Cornelia is lonely and virtually friendless, but  copes by escaping into books and using large words so she won't get pulled into a conversation.
It seems like no one understands her.
Until an elderly writer, Virginia Somerset, moves next door.
And Cornelia finds that the world is an exciting place after all.

I really enjoyed this book. Cornelia reminded me of myself at her age, and the way the author portrayed her slowly coming out of her shell was expertly done. The stories Virginia told were fantastic (particularily the one about India), but I couldn't wait to get back to Cornelia and see how this new tale would affect her life. This book was a celebration of travel, words, and stories in general. And the friendship she found in Virginia was truly magical.

The ending was rather poignant and sad, yet full of hope. It's how all endings should be.
I cried. And very few books make me do that.
But the overall tone of Cornelia was charming and heart-warming. This book welcomed me like an old friend the first time I opened it. It's like the book I've always been searching for, only I didn't know it.

It was a simple little tale, but even more beautiful for it's simplicity. I highly suggest you read it.

Objectionable Content: A few uses of the Lord's name in vain, but in French. There is mention of a man pinching a lady's bottom. A reporter calls Cornelia's famous dad a "playboy".

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Liz March 22, 2011 at 10:32 AM  

This sounds absolutely delightful! I will have to read it as soon as possible! Thanks for sharing your reviews - I don't like to read a book or see a movie unless I've heard a review about it first. And I have a special fondness for your reviews because your review of Tangled is what convinced me to go see it when I probably wouldn't have, and Tangled is pretty much my new favorite animated movie of all time. =)

Lol, I just saw the picture from Harry Potter under your post... That is too funny!

~ Liz

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