Mossflower Quotes II

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

A comment from an Anonymous has asked me to put some more Mossflower quotes involving the bats. So, here goes-

"Lie still, lie still. We are the tribe of Lord Cayvear who is ruler of Bat Mountpit. You will not be harmed, not be harmed," the creatures assured him.

The other bat shuffled over. "I am Rockhanger. this is Wingfold. We have found the angry one and the strong tunneller, but no other creature, no other creature."

The bat chuckled;it came out like a dry hiss. "No creature is blind who sees by touch."

"You are Martin the Warrior. I am Lord Cayvear, High Chief of the dark places. Welcome, welcome." Martin stood up and bowed. "Thank you for looking after our safety, Lord Cayvear. Is there any news of our friend Gonff?"
"Not yet, not yet, but sometimes no news is good news," Lord Cayvear said reassuringly. "My scouts are searching, searching." Martin paced the cave anxiously. "Lord Cayvear, I cannot stay here feeling helpless while my friend may be in great danger." The great bat folded his wings. 'I know, I know. You would not be a true friend if you did, Martin."

"We go no further, no further," he stated.Martin pointed upward. 'But, Lord Cayvear, I'm certain I can see the glimmer of daylight up ahead." The great bat was unmoved. "So you can, Martin. So you can. The outside world may be reached from up there, but none may venture further. There is a large bird of prey roosting higher up, far bigger than any bat. It is a killer. Many of my bats who went up that way were never seen again, never seen again." Martin gave one last dejected look at the slim shaft of light and turned back.

The little bats were curious and delighted with Dinny. They were under the impression that the mole was a fat bat without wings. Dinny liked the idea. "Ho urr, batmousen. Oi do fly under 'ee soil. That's as 'ow oi wore moi wings out wi' all that diggen." The little bats laughed. "Mr. Dinny, you are funny, funny!"

"My thanks to you and your friends, Martin. Against the bigeyes we were totally helpless, totally helpless."
"I know, Lord Cayvear," Martin nodded understandingly.


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