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Rob Roy
by Sir Walter Scott

When Frank Obaldistone refuses to follow his father's footsteps as a merchant, he is practically disowned and sent to live with his Uncle and cousins in the ancient and crumbling Obaldistone hall. Things soon spiral out of control when he is falsely accused of highway robbery and his villainous cousin Rashleigh steals important papers from Frank's father and intends to stir up trouble in Scotland. And before poor Frank knows it, he's mixed up with "the Scottish Robin Hood", Rob Roy MacGregor...

Simply put, I loved this book!
There was mystery, adventure, great characters, and great dialogue.
The blunt, yet charming Diana "Die" Vernon was one of my favorite characters (she's no damsel in distress) and I thought Rashleigh was a despicable villain indeed. He could have given Jane Austen's Wickham a run for his money. And Frank was a pretty proactive hero, too.
I couldn't put it down! (though, admittedly, chapters 24 and 25 were a mite slow.) It was also a very funny book--if you get old-fashioned humour, which I do.
As I said, there was a lot of mysteries, mostly involving Diana, which were cleared up satisfactorily at the end (the very end, mind.)
Also, the final chapter was thrilling!
(The Scottish accents were pretty easy to understand, though I do recommend that you get a copy with a good glossary.)
It wasn't a perfect book, but I really enjoyed it and I'll definitely be reading more of Mr. Scott's works.

Warning: Reading this book will cause you to say everything in a Scottish accent.
Favorite Line: He snatched my cravat...and twisted it (in the zeal of his restitution) around my neck with such suffocating energy as made me think that he had not only been...a substitute of the jailor, but moreover had taken lessons as an apprentice of the hangman.

Objectionable Content: Uses of the Lord's name in vain, some uses of the H-word, and a few uses of the D-word.

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Marian January 17, 2012 at 10:03 AM  

Ok, I've got to read it. :) I've been in love with the Scottish accent ever since reading Kidnapped. Thanks for the review!!

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