>> Thursday, April 5, 2012

I recently checked out a book called "Simply Beautiful Photographs" from the National Geographic Society.
It is a stunning book that makes you filled with wonder. And I just thought that I would share my favorite photographs from the book.
Isn't the world beautiful?
I do not own the text or the pictures; all rights go to the National Geographic Society. Think of it as a preview for their book.

James L. Stanfield
Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China
Young members of the Bayan Obo People's
Commune prepare for the coming day

James P. Blair
Dinaric Alps, Bosnia
A young man takes a break from work
on his family's farm to smile at the camera

Gordon Gahan
Anatolia, Turkey
A Turkish family peers out the window
of their train car

William Albert Allard
Trapani, Sicily, Italy
Sheep cross a pastoral scene

Michael S. Yamashita
Leaves cover the path on Natagiri Pass

Thomas J. Abercrombie
Foroglio, Ticino Canton, Switzerland
An old chestnut tree drapes its branches
over stone-clad buildings

Bill Curtsinger
Yarmouth, Maine
A dog looks curiously at an unexpected visitor

Mitsuaki Iwago
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
A mother and cub stare off into the
distance as the sun reflects off the grasses

Michael Melford
Kamchatka, Russia
An aerial view of the towering Kronotsky


Abi April 5, 2012 at 4:24 PM  

So beautiful! Now I must have that book. ;)

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