Eulalia Quotes Part 1

>> Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture by mushyZ
He blew his snout loudly, and called out to her, "Pay ee no 'eed to moi tears, miz, oi dearly do luvs a gudd ole blubber!"

"Right, left, left, you clod,/here comes the awkward squad!"

"To perish midst vermin will not be thy fate, watch for the young theif, be still and wait!"

"That Gruntan Kurdly's like all bullies, he'll meet his match one fine day, an' I hopes I'm around t'see it."

"Hmph! Filthy paws and matted fur, I'll have to scrub the counterpane and drape it in the orchard, so a good, clean breeze can dry it!" Abbot Daucus commented drily, "That's what I like about you, Miz Bluepaw, you're so kind and tender-hearted."

"Though I don't think this badger will lose his mind, he's too fixed by one purpose, to avenge the death of his family." Maudie gazed out of the window, watching the first pale streaks of dawn illuminating the night sky. "Sounds just like a badger to me, Sister."

"I say, Father old thing, d'you think it'd be a jolly good idea to celebrate this cheerful moment, with something like, er, what's the confounded word I'm lookin' for?"
The Abbot provided it. "A feast?" Maudie shook his paw heartily. "What a wise mouse you are, t'be sure!"

Maudie treated the otter to an icy stare. "I have only two words to say t'you, sah. Pish an' tush!"


Margaret W. July 22, 2010 at 10:51 AM  

Love that pic!
Thanks for sharing these.

I Am An Otter

You're an otter, mate! Another good friend of Redwall, you are a natural swimmer and a deadly fighter especially with a long bow or javellin. Camp Willow is your home, just as Redwall is your second home. You have a good heart and a strong sense of loyalty. You absolutely love Shrimp and Hotroot soup, living by the motto "Ain't nothing 'otter for an Otter!".

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