Which Avenger Are You? a quiz

>> Thursday, November 1, 2012

A personality quiz I made for fun after seeing The Avengers for the second time.
Man, I love that movie.
(Please do not use or re-post without my permission.)

Which Avenger are you?

1. You are at a party. You:
a) Retreat to the punch bowl and talk to no one.
b) Get a clear scope of the room and take stock of who you know and don't know.
c) Become the life of the party. You're here to have fun.
d) Marvel at the lighting and decorations.
e) Associate only with your closest friends and ignore those you don't know.
f) Meet new people and ask them questions about themselves.

2. You wish for people to describe you as:
a) Efficient.
b) Successful.
c) Normal.
d) Strong.
e) Just.
f) A leader.

3. How would you spend your day off?
a) Hit the gym.
b) See the sights in your area.
c) Spend time with your closest friend.
d) Do things no one else has done before--break records.
e) Party. How else do you do it?
f) Do something relaxing, like listening to music.

4. Your perfect spouse would be, chiefly:
a) Intelligent and able to hold a conversation.
b) Someone who can also simply be your best friend.
c) Someone who is attractive and appreciates your skills.
d) Someone who can be tough and yet sweet.
e) Kind and gentle.
f) Someone you need who also needs you.

5. Pick a food. (No, shawarma isn't an option.)
a) A tender steak.
b) A burrito.
c) An open-faced sandwich.
d) Anything spicy.
e) Anything foreign.
f) Your comfort food.

6. You've just been given responsibility over an entire project. How do you react?
a) You don't like responsibility but you'll do it.
b) Do it all by yourself.
c) You assign different parts to team members.
d) Get ideas and listen to your team for their ideas.
e) Do most of it, asking advice only from those you trust.
f) Hand out assignments but bear the brunt of it yourself.

7. You choose your clothes based on:
a) How comfortable they are.
b) The name-brands.
c) How many things you can actually do while wearing them.
d) How attractive it makes you look.
e) If they will last long.
f) If it's considered 'nice'--as in, you could wear it to a job interview.

8. When faced with a new problem you:
a) Keep your cool and attempt to obliterate it.
b) Shrink away at first but then deal with it later.
c) Attack and destroy it.
d) Create a step-by-step plan to get through it.
e) Search for the right thing to do morally.
f) Take a step back and study it from all sides before making a decision.

9. What does your room usually look like?
a) Full of gadgets (TVs, computers, video games, etc.)
b) Pretty clean.
c) Dim-lit and secluded.
d) With books and papers scattered everywhere.
e) Tastefully decorated, yet comfortable.
f) Neat, and everything has a place.

Answer key:

Questions 1-5: 
Thor: f, e, b, a, a
Captain America: d, f, a, d, c
Hulk: a, c, f, e, f
Black Widow: e, d, c, f, e
Iron Man: c, b, e, c, b
Hawk Eye: b, a, d, b, d

Questions 6-9:
Thor: d, e, e, e
Captain America: c, f, d, b
Hulk: a, a, b, d
Black Widow: e, d, a, c
Iron Man: b, b, c, a
Hawk Eye: f, c, f, f

See which character's results you have the most of.


Nicki T. November 1, 2012 at 5:35 PM  

I love that movie too. I've seen it six times. What were your results for this quiz?

Celtic Traveler November 1, 2012 at 7:57 PM  

Hulk, apprarently. Which is strange, because I made everything up and even Hulk's personality summary before I took it. And it fit.

A Writer's View of Life November 2, 2012 at 11:11 PM  

I was equal parts captain american and hawk eye. i think it fits.

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