Magic, Myth, and Mórrígan

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

At the beginning of the year, I picked up a nice, thick book that I kept seeing everywhere. It had a picture of an Irish witch surrounded by wolves and was entitled "The Hounds of The Mórrígan." Intrigued, I read it. But I soon got daunted by the 674 pages and quit.

One of my worst mistakes.

I recently picked it up again and absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute reading it. The books full of charm and wit, and funny without being silly, and suspensefully scary without being too dark.
In other words, a classic.

Pidge and his philosophical little sister Brigit live in Ireland and have typically normal lives. Then he finds the book. The book that imprisons the terrible serpent Olc-Glas. And the evil witches Breda, Macha, and The Mórrígan will stop at nothing until they get it-and a stone that conquered them thousands of years before. Then they will plunge the world into darkness. So what do Pidge and Brigit do? Go on a fantasical journey through Tír na nÓg to stop them, meeting a patchwork of lively characters along the way.

It's an amazing book that is rich in magic, myth, and Mórrígan. Don't miss it. You'll never forgive yourself if you do.

Objectionable Content: Two D-words.


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